That first morning home from traveling is special. Waking in my own cozy bed, familiar smells and sounds. Then there’s that cup of coffee made just the way you like it! Ruminating on how travel has changed me and how this particular trip will influence my daily life now that I’m home.

I went to Yelapa Mexico on a yoga retreat. It’s the sort of place you think of when you think of a quiet Mexican fishing village perched on the shore between ocean and jungle. But this trip was about much more than just the yoga. It was my first real travel since adopting the Keto Lifestyle. It was to be my litmus test as to how I was doing and would going Keto really make traveling easier. I had my theories but they needed to be tested. 

Besides learning that I still have a lot to learn about yoga, here are the three major things I learned on this voyage Keto trip.

#1. The Keto Lifestyle, including IF, is the best thing that ever happened to air travel!  No more feeling like crap when I get there because I’ve eaten the airline food! If you’d suggested fasting to me in the past I’d probably have punched you in the nose! It was unimaginable! Now I generally eat my first meal at noon and my last at 6pm. This trip I got up at 2:30am, had a mug of bone broth, a coffee during our layover in Phoenix and then a light snack once I arrived in Puerto Vallarta. I felt amazing! 

#2. It’s totally possible to stay in ketosis while traveling and still enjoy delicious local cuisine! It was important for me to keep my fats high and stick with my 18/6 eating windowand not eat as soon as I got up in the morning like one tends to do on vacation. When ordering I had them hold the beans, rice, tortillas etc and add gobs of the rest! They seemed happy to do it! 

#3. Metabolic flexibility means flexibility & freedom in general when traveling! Hallelujah! MF is the bodies ability to shift back and forth between using glucose (carbohydrates) and fatty acids (fat) for fuel.

Unfortunately the Standard American Diet (SAD) high in carbohydrates has caused most people to be metabolically inflexible. Meaning they can only use carbs as fuel. So when carbs are not available your body crashes and produces cravings to get them to eat more carbs….see the problem here? Where as if you’re MF and you eat some carbs your body will use it as fuel then switch back over to burning fat (that being body and dietary fat) and there is no crash or cravings. 

Day 5 I discovered I’d achievement MF. Yelapa has a famous banana pie you can buy on the beach. I knew I was going to have a piece and I knew I’d pay the price with bloating, sugar crash etc. Well none of that happened. My body gobbled up the carbs and went right back to burning fat! So in short instead of feeling like I needed to eat every few hours to keep from feeling like poo I was able to feel amazing on two meals a day and focus more on the incredible time I was having 


P.S. Before my plane landed in Portland I was already planning my next adventure! 

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~Rumi

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