Yes this is the best trail mix ever in the history of man! No exaggeration! When camping season came along this year I was just tired of paying exorbitant prices for organic trail mix that wasn’t exactly what I wanted! So I made my own custom mix. I didn’t price it out but sure it’s way more reasonable. Maybe I’ll figure the price per lb. next batch I make.

I chose the nuts I like which are almonds, walnuts & pumpkin seeds. Of course you can choose your favorites. Oven roasting them needs to be done separately since their roasting times vary. The coconut flakes I dry toasted in a cast iron skillet. Mix them all together, add a tinny bit of sesame oil and sprinkle with salt & your favorite keto sweetener. Last but not least I added keto chocolate chips.

This batch was made for camping/hiking and was loved by everyone, keto or not! But really, trail mix is so versatile. I can see it being enjoyed as a work or school snack, picnic favorite, travel go to, breakfast cereal and even dessert. Possibilities are endless.

Actually while writing this post I’m thinking I’ll add more toasted coconut next time. Custom keto trail mix is that simple ?

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~Rumi

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