Regardless how you look at it life doesn’t get much better than a creamy, cheesy smoked salmon quiche (minus crust) and a super hot breve latte! It certainly made up for the days earlier disappointment at the Washington State Capital Building’s deli. Such a sad little pre made salad I suspect had been in the cooler all week. 

Back to happy thoughts! My macronutrients requirements had been met, I’d toured the State Capital & was thoroughly impressed, but I was up for a bit more satisfaction. So I went in search of a nurturing breve latte! Ending up near the Martin Marina in Olympia Wa I ducked into the interesting looking Traditions Cafe. What a surprise. Not only do they have a health focused cafe it’s also a fair trade world folk art store! Ya, really made me want to go catch a plane to somewhere Lol! 

The staff was crazy patient with me as I went though probably every item on the menu. Along with that breve latte I was searching for I couldn’t pass up the smoked salmon quiche ???? One thing I’ve learned traveling is to recognize opportunities when they arise. More fat? Yes please! Enjoying a breve latte & smoked salmon at an eclectic cafe, on a marina, surrounded by world treasures was……well, satisfying!
“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~Rumi

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