This last summer I had a lesson in flexibility! Not body flexibility unfortunately. No matter how much yoga I do I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do the splits, so sad! But I love yoga all the same. The flexibility we’er talking about here is diet and to a great extent mind flexibility!

Long story short, I’m a couple hours from home visiting family when I get a text from a friend camping on a nearby mountain, Mt Adams in Washington state. “Come join me!” My first reaction was I can’t! I’m not prepared! Then I slowed down and think well why not just wing it? I’m A Keto Traveler and this is what I live for LOL! Right?

So, with my sleeping bag in the back seat; because what self respecting ❤️PNW? woman would be caught without a sleeping bag in the back seat, no food and a little faith it would all work out I headed for the mountain!

And it did! Perusing the few shelves of the tinny General Store of the last tinny town before wilderness I found salvation! Salvation in the form of local raw grass-fed whole milk. Everyone looked at me weird as I did my little happy dance right then and there. Yep because it occurred to me, here’s where the flexibility comes in, that since going keto and practicing intermittent fasting I could easily live for days off nothing more than a gallon of raw whole milk and water! Never before would that have ever been remotely in the realm of my reality ?

Now my friend did have some keto friendly food. It was mostly the milk though. And I felt amazing!

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~Rumi

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