For many reasons I’ve chosen the Keto Lifestyle. That means when I travel I eat Keto. But now and then I travel so I can eat Keto! When my fantastic web designer recommended Red Leaf Organic Coffee Co. (redleafcoffee.comfor Keto baked goods I had to go. Kelso Wa is only a 45min drive north on I-5. Lord knows I’ve gone a lot farther then that on a whim! 

Now I’m putting a shout out there to all my hometown peeps because we need Keto Eats like this in Vancouver! I’m not kidding. Their chocolate muffin with optional peanut butter sauce are truly so much better than a regular sugar/wheat laden gut bomb muffin! It’s like eating real food that tastes like dessert, WHAT! I can see this being the place I go for my future road trip Keto Treats.  

We really need scrumptious Keto Treats in more coffee shops. So if we all start asking our favorite coffee shops about offering Keto baked good options eventually they’ll bring them in. And then when we all traveling and visit each other’s favorite coffee shops we’ll be able to enjoy Keto Treats! I thank you in advance!!!

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~Rumi

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