#3 of 50 State Capital Tour! Third times a charm on this #3 Capital Building. Last fall I made two attempts to road trip down I-5 down to California only to be foiled by first the infamous Carr Fire and then again by the Delta Fire. I got the hint and decided not to push my luck. I’d spent the fall of 2017 driving back and forth through The Columbia River Gorge during the Eagle Creek Fire wearing a cardon filter mask. Sort of exciting I guess but not fun enough to do it again!

The time spent in Sacramento, California’s Capital, wasn’t as much as I was hoping for but still totally worth the stop as I headed on South to San Jose to visit friends. Their Capital Building has a huge gold nugget on the top of the dome reminiscent of the gold rush of course! Guess the state motto then isn’t a surprise, “Eureka” which is Greek for “I have found it”. I found their state seal interesting. It’s an image of the Goddess Minerva riding her bear companion. I never knew the significance of the bear on the California flag; figuered it was just their state animal! The real interesting part here is the Goddess Minerva of course. Myth has it that Minerva was born fully grown. Her on the state seal symbolizes California’s direct rise to statehood without first being a territory! Who knew?

Now the Statehouse Deli was great as far as Capital deli’s go! Their custom salad bar was top noch! Fresh greens, asparagus, cucumber, radishes, meats, cheeses, nuts, hard boiled eggs topped with a few dried cranberries! They also offer amazing looking and smelling pizza ? and decent looking sandwiches for those non Keto.

I’ll have to hit the area around the Capital another time. It offers many promising looking restaurants and cafes along with old cool neighborhoods nearby for walking. Getting an Airbnb for a couple days and checking out the nearby beautiful Sacramento River would be fantastic!

A good thumbs up ? for #3. Hmmm, which Capital Building should I check out next?

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~Rumi

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