#2 of 50 State Capital Tour! On a rainy spring morning I got the itch and decided to head 1.5hrs south, get a cozy Airbnb in the quaint town of Independence and visit the Oregon State Capital in Salem. It turned out to be just the getaway I needed to rest up and get some work done. Over the course of two days I watched from my window and from a local coffeehouse, where I drank way too many delicious breve lattes, as the Willamette River swelled with the spring rain. Flooding it took over wetlands, fields, walking trails and even the local park & amphitheater. Mother Nature is a power not to be scoffed at! I’m always amazed. Another highlight of my time in Independence was finding some antique knobs for my new kitchen. Hooray!

As for the Capital Building; Taste Buds Cafe gets my approval. The atmosphere was more that of a small cafe. The staff was really friendly and after ordering at the counter they brought your food to your table along with a smile. Everybody was smiling. Even the customers where smiling. Maybe there was something in the water. Any who, the Mushroom Swiss Burger was the first no bun burger I’d ordered and I must say I didn’t look like much. Could have been aesthetically spruced up with a tomato or lettuce but it turned out to be quit tasty and satisfying! Like they say, can’t always judge a book by its cover.

The Capital Building itself is interesting in that it’s one of the few Capitals that done in the Art Deco style. It was a stunning backdrop to all the cherry trees in bloom. Peeking through some off the blooms I got my first glimpse of the “Oregon Pioneer”. A 22ft gilded man standing on top of the Capital Building symbolizes the independent spirit of Oregonians! Even on this overcast day he was very shinny and impressive.

Thumbs up for the Oregon State Capital ????

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