Having recently survived the Holiday Season of seemingly endless dinner parties & pot lucks I feel I’m getting the hang of this! Even before keto while looking forward to gathering with friends I also felt a sense of dread knowing I would most likely eat too much crap, be tempted by way too many sweets and feel terrible the next day. Those days are gone!

Going into the Holiday Season the overeating of crap had already become a non issue for me. For myself and most people I’ve talked with keto has eliminated the carbohydrate cravings and is so satiating the temptations of overindulging is much reduced or even totally gone! Temptations Be Gone!


Now desserts where another story all together! I knew abstinence wasn’t going to be an option …Hell No!… and I’m not a baker. Hmm, what to do? But I’m committed to this Keto Lifestyle, for so many reasons, so I put my big girl panties on and got to work. A strategy that would work for me ultimately was to make and take my own keto desserts! Not being a baker the solution I came up with needed to be pretty simple. The last thing I wanted was to recreate those feelings of dread with the pressure of coming up with desserts when invited to a gathering.


Turns out keto baking can be simple, to my surprise! I picked out a couple recipes with short ingredient lists: Sweet Potato Pie & Lemon Cake! To my surprise, again, they turned out great and enjoyed by keto and non-keto friends alike. And so as the invitations came rolling I made these same keto desserts over and over again, no stress or dread. Thankfully no one seemed to every get tired of them. I also found I enjoy keto desserts more than the conventional sugar filled ones. With there being no sugar I actually tasted the other ingredients more and was satisfied with smaller portions….when has that ever happened in the history of sugary desserts LOL!!!

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~Rumi

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