I LOVE camping! Pretty much everything about camping I love. Including eating & splurging on all the food and junk I normally would not eat at home. I’d come home feeling like crap! But you know what? I deserved it! I work hard, eat healthy, etc. Life is short so enjoy myself!

Then Along came keto

And now it’s about having my cake and eating it too! So much about my life has changed including camping! For one I have the energy and stamina to truly enjoy it! In the past I’d for the most part have to rely on others to plan and execute most every aspect including the food. Now I’m an equal participant and my main job is the food! Keto food that is ? …..mostly!

Taste, taste and more taste!

Here’s my food strategy for everyone having a good food experience while camping. So far it’s worked marvelously. I bring loads and loads of rich flavorful umami type food such as bacon, sausage, mushrooms, cheeses, sauces and dips. Also lots of fresh veggies, salads, fruit trail mix and grain free chips. Round that out with a few keto biscuits and cookies, Yum! I do bring a few select non keto items so there’s no mutiny of course like gluten free gram crackers and organic marshmallows cause you gotta have s’mores when camping ?

I’ve also discovered people usually enjoy eating more and have less concerns about what “diet” you’er subjecting them to if they’re simply handed a plate of food. So I do a lot of the cooking and someone else cleans up, yes! It’s not uncommon come the end of a camping trip to have a friend suddenly realize they’ve eaten keto all weekend Lol!

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~Rumi

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