We all travel for different reasons. Sometimes I think I travel mainly because it cracks me up! It often teaches me to see the humor in life and to not be so serious, which I tend to be. Sometimes the humor comes in the form of “the worst times make the best memories”. Yes of course these crack ups happen much later when recounting the miserable time you had to others. Other times, such as the ones here, the humor happens in real time making for unexpected rich moments. These we often keep to ourselves and cherish during quiet moments once back home. But luckily for you I’m here sharing a couple of these crack up moments which have nothing to do with keto other than it’s the Keto Lifestyle that allows me the health needed and energy to travel and enjoy these sublime moments ?


So as my sister went off to her work conference I strolled the few blocks into the French Quarter for a look around. I hadn’t gone far when I was, not so subtly, reminded of the spiritual folkways developed from traditions brought to New Orleans by African slaves. Voodoo, or simply The Tradition as many locals call it, can be seen and maybe felt all through the area. When I turned a corner and ran right into these mini voodoo doll magnets I literally laughed out loud! Curious how even now this photo can make me smile


The next morning, again leaving my sister to her work, I rode the famous streetcars into the also famous NOLA Garden District for a tour of the Lafayette Cemetert No. 1. Totally fantastic tour! There is so much history and so many interesting facts to glean from New Orlean graveyards a tour, or many, is a must!

& Ghosts

Having worked up a thirst and need for a restroom I jumped off the streetcar at the first coffee shop. Used the facilities, ordered a breve latte and Pow ? there in my foam where not one, not two but three ghosts! Do you see the mother & father ghosts holding the baby ghost between them? It’s not just my imagination! Right?

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~Rumi

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