Thats a great question and a really important one too. Following my regular eating routine when I travel really makes all the difference in how I feel overall. At home I normally fast until lunchtime so don’t eat breakfast. When traveling I find it’s so easy to start the day off with the wrong food and then feel bogged down and sluggish the rest of the day. So I just skip it. Going instead for a strong (if lucky it’s locally grown) coffee with plenty of cream and butter if it’s available! This way instead of focusing on the breakfast I get to enjoy a few leisurely moments to  practice gratitude. It’s amazing how much this little change in my travel routine has added to my joy of traveling! 

Yes I certainly do! Travel for me is a lot about the culture and that means the local cuisine. Last thing I want is to feel deprived! So usually before I arrive I already know what the area is famous for, often dessert, and know that at some point I will indulge. Preferably towards the end of the stay. Fortunately I’ve achieved metabolic flexibility so if I kick myself out of ketosis I’m able to get back in within 24 hours or less without any ill feeling. Metabolic flexibility is one of so many benefits of the Ketogenic Lifestyle that makes traveling so much easier!

Awesome question! No one likes to arrive in paradise feeling like poo! I think airlines are missing the boat on this one. If they served keto food and snacks their customers would arrive at destinations feeling so much better. I’m sure their ridership would go up. Hmm, I may propose this to them Lol!

My answer to this is I fast! I’m likely to have a mug of bone broth before leaving for the airport, maybe a breve latte during layover and then a small snack on arrival. For long international flights I take my own food. You’ll be amazed at what is allowed. Nuts, grain free crackers, hard cheese, hard boiled eggs, salami, dark chocolate. I guarantee you’ll be eating better than anyone on the plane!

To be honest it’s just not my thing. I learned from my chiropractor, who is amazing and I adore, that in order to have the time in your life for the things you have passion for you have to say no to the things you’re not so passionate about. My passion is my health & travel! So I’ve chosen to focus my blog on those aspects of my life and leave lesser passions to others. There are a lot of other people out there doing a great job with the keto recipe scene so I’ll just leave that to them.

Oh, that’s an awesome question! And the answer is, for the most part I don’t have cravings or temptations. Before you roll your eyes….It doesn’t have anything to do with my willpower or discipline! When I became fat adapted & metabolically flexible. I found this had become a non issue. Amazing right! When you’re fat adapted and no longer addicted to carbs your body no longer produces those cravings to try and get you to eat more carbs to fuel your body. It’s the fat it really wants! As for the temptations, as long as I keep my fats up and indulge in a lot of tasty, healthy, local cuisine I’m happy. All that being said I do usually plan a non keto indulge usually near the end. Ahead of time I’ll research what the local specialty is, often dessert, and savor the anticipation. I just can’t say enough about this lifestyle and the amount of freedom I experience now that I’m no longer tethered to food!

Awe yes! I know this situation well! I don’t snack when traveling. Everyone is so individualized in what their bodies need and what they are doing it’s hard to make recommendations. But I can say what works for me. It took me quite awhile to feel comfortable traveling without taking my own food. Overtime I started taking less and less as I realized I wasn’t needing it. I still take a small amount and it has come in handy a few times when I’ve used it as a meal. What works for me is high fat nutritious snacks such as nuts, seed crackers, avocado, hard cheese, almond butter, dark chocolate, olives. Hope this is helpful!

No, not necessarily. My goal I guess when traveling is to maintain my keto lifestyle as I would at home. Currently a Cyclical Keto diet ( ) is what’s working for me and my particular health issues. I have at times scheduled my high carb days or week around travel. Especially if I know it will be a physically challenging trip or the local cuisine is high in healthy carbs. This way I can enjoy, have extra energy when needed and still maintain my regular feast and famine cycle. It all seems to work out perfectly!

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