Food trucks, carts and pods have been gaining fame & fans in cities all around the US for a number of years now: Portland, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco. And why not! They offer the full gamut of culinary delights from crap to high cuisine. Okay maybe not so much high cuisine but at least fresh and healthy. I haven’t come across a Keto Cart yet though there’s been a few Paleo ones popping up. I’ve no doubt it will be soon.

Food trucks for weddings also seems to be gaining in popularity! At least in The PNW anyway. Which was the case of a recent family wedding in the gorgeous Hood Canal area of Washington State. It was a stunning day at an even more stunning location right on the water over looking the Olympic Peninsula. Then a taco truck pulled up and put the topping on the taco ?

Before they got too busy I went over and introduced myself; letting them know I was a keto food & travel blogger. They could not have been more gracious about my dietary needs. To start they made sure to put extra guacamole (which was some of the best I’d ever had) on the table I was sitting at. For the first course my three tacos were put in lettuce cups instead of tortillas, perfect. The second course was tamales which I dearly love but was to receive a pork taco salad bowl instead. As it turned out I was so stuffed on guacamole & tacos I called Uncle and graciously declined the second course.

Next up was dancing late into the evening as the sun set over the canal!

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~Rumi

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