If you’er a coffee lover like I am then you’ll get this post! One aspect of travel for me is coffee. What is the local coffee scene? Where will I find it? Where will I drink it? Who will I drink it with? Can I create a keto coffee and have people think I’m totally strange Lol! Coffee obsession is a real thing for me. Yes I love the smell, the ritual and the taste and it’s another vehicle in which I can experience the world.

Coffee Bucket list

I wouldn’t say I have a bucket list per se. I feel everything is fare game for that list if there was one. I do though like the idea of drinking coffee in all the different iconic coffee locales of the world. The first few that come to mind are a piazza in Venice, cafe in Marrakech, tent in the Sahara, Thai coffee in Thailand, chicory coffee in New Orleans….you’er getting the idea! Then there are the locales less coffee traveled ?


A steaming hot cup of coffee with heavy cream and butter enjoyed outdoors is I think taking coffee to another level. Marry that with backwoods camping and you have the ultimate! If you’ve never experienced it I don’t know if I could even explain. There’s just this incredible peaceful solitude which increases the sensory enjoyment of a well made cup of keto coffee!


And then there’s backroads! In the last few months with all the road tripping I’ve been doing in the PNW I’ve noticed an increase in good coffee on the backroads and byways. Places you’d never suspect. Spotting outstanding, and sometimes not so outstanding, coffee in these often charming out of the way spots may become a new coffee obsession! Unlike the solitude of coffee in the backwoods coffee on the backroads brings me to a stop; where I meet people I wouldn’t otherwise meet. So…..I guess you could say coffee for me is a vehicle to adventure!

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~Rumi

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